2023 Predictions and Insights for Countries around the World

The world will be drastically changing over the next five years, personally and globally. Remember, we all are not living in a vacuum, we are all connected. Be mindful and keep an open mind.

Australia and Surrounding Areas

  • Covid variants and RSV will steadily grow in intensity. Be prepared.
  • Unfortunately, I see terrorism such as a shooting and some other acts of violence. I feel it has something to do with Covid restrictions, government officials, and upcoming changes.
  • There will be knife/sword attacks in three of the major cities.
  • I see at least one bomb explosion near a government office.
  • A big tour bus incident.
  • Protests.

Weather in Australia

  • Flooding in low-lying areas and populated areas.
  • Heavy rain and hailstorms with flash flooding in the southern part of Australia. The northern territories will see drought, bush fires, and dust storms.
  • Extreme heat that breaks records. 
  • Tornadoes with hailstorms. 
  • Earthquake near or below Brisbane.
  • Earthquakes on the eastern side of Australia in the ocean area near islands such as Fiji.
  • Typhoons.

New Zealand and Tasmania

  • Unfortunately, there will be an earthquake near Christchurch and Auckland. I believe an earthquake near Christchurch will be close to a 7.7 on the Richter scale (I hope I am wrong) as well as a small earthquake near Gisborne.
  • Record-breaking heat and rainstorms.
  • There will be some cases of Covid variants in New Zealand and Tasmania. RSV does affect children, but not as bad as in other countries or the new variants that are coming in.
  • Earthquakes in the ocean and surrounding islands.

Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, and the African Continent

  • Severe weather in these locations. I see flooding, bush fires, monsoons, more active earthquakes, and windstorms with heavy rains in certain parts of the countries.
  • India will have a heavy monsoon season, a very active year for earthquakes, and see an uptick in new Covid variants and RSV.
  • Philippines and Indonesia will have at least one strong earthquake near a 7.0 on the Richter scale.
  • The African continent will see flooding in some areas and drought in others. There will also be governmental upheaval.

China, Japan, North and South Korea, and Surrounding Islands

  • Big earthquake in Japan or a small island near the mainland of Japan.
  • Fishing and cargo boat accident.
  • Heavy rain with flooding, mudslides, and monsoons. Uptick in new Covid variants and RSV.
  • A crack in a Hong Kong bridge could cause it to fail in a heavy rainstorm. 
  • Protests in Hong Kong and mainland China.
  • Earthquake in China. 
  • Shootings in China, possibly during a protest.

North Korea

  • Missile launches — one that comes close to the US border.
  • Kim Jung Un may try to off his sister for defying his orders. 
  • Kim Jung Un is ill with a heart problem and he needs more surgery. He could be having other health issues, too. He is paranoid and suffers from memory fog.
  • Kim Jung Un will create more international problems for himself.
  • The North Korean people are starving.


  • The leader of China is isolating himself more and more. He is also growing more paranoid and he seems to think that he can bully the US, because all he thinks about is money and power. He wants China to be the next superpower and control the world economy while suppressing the people of China and its territories. He also wants to take over Taiwan and Japan. 
  • He wants North Korea as well as — he is just waiting for the collapse of Kim Jung Un.
  • China’s leader will get increasingly paranoid.
  • Eventually, I do see a rebellion in China as the people are just sick of repression and prison camps and lies, lies, lies. China will be caught in their lies.
  • I believe as of right now the US will add more sanctions on China for interfering and delivering weapons to Russia.
  • More Covid infection rates climbing in February or March.
  • In addition, I saw major money problems and tensions in China that will make the Chinese President even more paranoid and erratic at times regarding his position being stable.
  • China will have production issues regarding technology, food, and other products, which leads the Chinese people to begin to rebel as they try to feed their families and pay their monthly bills.


  • Electrical problems. Heating prices and the lack of energy. However, I did see more windmills and solar power going in.
  • Canadians will be going on strike when it comes to pay/benefits versus how much money they have to put out.

Europe & Iceland

  • At least one earthquake in Sweden, Belgium, Finland, the UK, Ireland, Greece, and Iceland.
  • Flooding in parts of Europe.
  • The spreading of new Covid variants.
  • Crop damage.
  • A new but small terrorism cell has arrived in Europe, I think near Belgium and a few in France.
  • Shootings and knife attacks in Paris, London, and Belgium. 
  • A terrorism attack during a sporting event.
  • Paris and London will have large protests, some having to do with the economy, new Covid variants, government policies, and healthcare.
  • An uptick of suicides in many countries.
  • Healthcare around the world really needs to be addressed as people are suffering and it is shameful that we all are not in a better place.
  • European money laundering scandals and secrets come out as well as big banks and fraud.
  • I saw a major landslide and mudslide, possibly due to an earthquake, in what looks like the Alps in Switzerland.


  • I see a mass shooting and protests in France. 
  • A small earthquake.
  • I see a pretty big fire intentionally set. I believe it’s in France.


  • Volcanic activity and an earthquake. 
  • Heavy rain and some flooding with mudslides.
  • Italy’s olive crops and vineyard crops may be damaged as flooding, mudslides, and heavy rain will do some damage this upcoming year.

The UK and Ireland

  • Flooding, heavy wind and rain in 2023. 
  • There will be snowstorms and earthquakes, and it will be damp and colder than normal. 
  • Very snowy this year with freezing rain and bitterly cold.
  • Record-breaking temperatures, both hot and cold. 
  • Protests in Scotland, which I believe might be because they want to break away from the UK.

Russia vs. Putin

  • I have seen for years now the upcoming downfall of Putin. I have seen his illness for over two years (it was in my predictions last year). Putin has 14 months tops. As of right now (Jan 2023), he is growing more and more paranoid and he’s trying to take down many people right with himself.
  • I see his memory failing and he becomes confused. He has Parkinson’s and colon or digestive problems, and he may need another surgery soon.
  • I also see what looks like bleeding in Putin’s brain, but I’m not a doctor. I’m not sure what this could be, but he may pass away sooner than what I saw previously. He will either pass away in power or pass soon after he is taken out of power.
  • Russia’s economy has jumped back 35 years. 
  • People are suffering from his atrocities. I really won’t go into all the suffering I see going on in Russia because it’s just so bad. Pray for the innocent.
  • There will be a rebellion and many protests in Russia. When I look at Russia 50 years ahead, it’s a completely different country. The Russian people will certainly be more free to thrive. 
  • I see Putin threatening missiles to hit nuclear sites. However, it’s unclear whether Putin will actually hit a nuclear site. I do see him launching missiles.

Russia/Ukraine War

  • Putin will most definitely try to shoot a nuclear missile at Ukraine, but that said, it truly feels like something is wrong with the missile or it malfunctions and the impact will be less severe.
  • Ukraine will win the war. It is very possible for the war to be over as early as this summer.
  • The Ukrainian people will rise from the depths of destruction and they will rebuild. It will take many years, but this beautiful and resilient country will grow stronger and closer as a country.
  • It will take many, many years for Ukraine and Russia to rebuild kindness and friendship. 
  • Pray for the Ukraine president and people. They are courageous and resilient.

The Middle East

  • There will be terrorism, shootings, protests, and a new terrorist group takes shape.
  • Earthquakes and flooding. 
  • New Covid variant spreading.
  • Continued tension with some protests in Iran and Iraq.


  • Activists get activated and in harmony with others.
  • I see more and more reports of UFOs. (Interesting!)
  • I see something coming in 2025 and 2028, another pandemic or epidemic, but it’s not Covid. More on this at a later date as messages come in. However, I wonder if this has something to do with the rash I’ve seen all over people’s bodies, but don’t panic, as I don’t know what this is yet and the energy of this may change by then. Again, when I receive these messages I put them out there because it’s important.
  • Two transformative eclipses this year on the collective level. (Eclipse Season)
  • Taurus and Scorpio node change out of Taurus into Aries and out of Scorpio into Libra.

Closing Note

The universe will happily give you your lessons over the head with a two-by-four if you keep ignoring the changes that need to take place because you’re afraid of feeling vulnerable. When you do the work, you’ll see the world happening through you. There is so much creative energy and so many changes taking place in many different directions, so it may feel difficult to be grounded and stay on task or be goal oriented. Breathe… one step at a time. Know who you are and powerfully move in that direction. Be the best you can be, the world needs you. You all have got this!

Didn’t see a topic in my predictions that you are interested in? Please contact me as I don’t add everything that I see. I’m open to questions.

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