Erica’s 2023 Predictions and Insights Part 2

Schools and Universities

The beginning of academic change at schools, colleges, and universities. This is due to many reasons, such as teachers’ pay/benefits, parents, shootings, knives, and volatile situations including those of a political or government-related nature. 

I see more children being homeschooled and schools and universities changing how they teach. It is possible that teachers will go on strike as well.

Farm Animals and Birds

I am seeing a virus that sickens pigs, sheep, some goats, and exotic birds. Also a bird virus.

I also am seeing bad food, like grain (or whatever they are eating) that looks wet, damp, and moldy, so I am not sure if this has something to do with the sickness/virus or not.

I do see animals needing to be added to the endangered list. (They really need extra help.)

Small Businesses and Local Farm Production

More small businesses are popping up in smaller communities around the country. I see more and more small farms and farm stands selling local foods.

Ocean Health

It will be more and more apparent that we have to clean up our oceans. I see marine animals and fish dying, in some places it’s more than just a few here or there. Sadly, there are many dying.

Scientists and biologists, oceanographers, marine biologists, and many more will be working together on inventing technology to help clean up our oceans. I also see a big study being done of our oceans.

US Technology

Really creative year for technology and engineering: I see new GPS mapping with a see-in-the-dark camera that will alert you if there is a heat signature from an animal nearby or close to the road. (This looks epic and I want one…just saying.)

Updated computers, iPads, phones, computer chips, and the introduction of new medical devices. 

Windmill tech gains speed with good reviews going into the next several years.

The US will really begin to produce our own products and technology of all types, not outsourcing as much to other countries, with a few exceptions. We will still be doing trade with NATO allies.

I see scientists working on a plan or technology to help the plastic and plastic bag problem in the US and around the world as well as our oceans.

I see scientists working on trees/the cutting down of trees and paper goods. (Please plant a tree or plant one in someone’s name, etc.)

New military technology is being worked on as well — something with water or something that goes through water.

Newer and updated planes are coming. I see really cool and inventive planes coming in the next ten years. Trains as well — high-speed bullet-like trains, long distance travel trains, and trains to travel by or over water at fast speed. Really inventive and creative. Can’t wait for this!

I still see cyber attacks on cell phones, computers, the water supply, and power grid in our future, especially if we don’t take steps to better protect our grids and technology. Russian hackers and Iraqi hackers are somehow involved.

Space Technology

I see a lot of great work being done with creative technologies and some practice runs with new tech. Plenty of room for growth in the space arena this year. In addition: New stars, planets, comets, and asteroids will be discovered through updated telescopes and other technologies. New or refreshed satellites will go to space with upgrades.

I also see study projects of earth and space minerals.

In the 1990s, I started seeing solar flares. I didn’t know exactly what it was that I was seeing at the time, and I still see solar flares but with greater intensity. Solar flares affect the earth and everything on it. I feel like people and animals along with marine animals will feel the effects of solar flares, and I see it being spoken about in the scientific fields.

Public space travel is many years ahead, but I believe in my lifetime.

Spirituality and Science

Big leaps and areas of growth with spirituality: More and more people will become interested in spiritual knowledge such as holistic healing techniques, reiki, chakra work, and crystals. I see people and groups getting involved in this sector along with researching and searching out personal spiritual quests.

Side Note: I do see reiki eventually going mainstream. I see reiki professionals in some of the bigger hospitals in cities like Boston and New York and places in California being requested by patients. I also see reiki professionals working on coma patients and others with conditions such as chronic pain, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, etc. It won’t necessarily be mainstream this year, but there will be steady growth over the next 5 to 10 years.

Also in the US

Historical archeological discoveries coming up this year.

More acts of discrimination and major protests in the US — people will seem more volatile in the late spring into the summer months.

In closing: I would like to personally add that hate breathes hate. If we were all the same, we would be robots. Please love your neighbor, enjoy different cultures, help people and animals in need, do your part in cleaning up our environment, and most of all love.

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