The Universal Year Number and Tarot Card for 2023

The Universal number for 2023 is 7. What does that mean for 2023? The energy of the 7 is all about diving inward and deep emotion. Its focus is on spiritual and personal growth and evolution as an individual and as a collective. This is an important year to take a collective pause as we prepare for a massive reset and new cycle.

This energy of 7 beckons us to go inward, to really feel without hesitation or fear of what we might find on the other side of those feelings, to quiet down and be still, slow down and not rush through the day, and sit with ourselves and to breathe. To study, analyze, ask questions, and peel our personal layers back as we contemplate bigger questions about ourselves and the universe, allowing deep emotion to rise to the surface — both collectively and individually.

The 7 Universal Year is both spiritual and scientific. Along with learning how to tap into our intuition and learning to trust our intuition, there’s a real drive to do more research, to dig and analyze and to process the information and thrive from its knowledge. Research, research, and more research. Research for ourselves instead of taking someone’s word for it, especially if something doesn’t feel right. Learn to trust the inner process and to find the balance we need, through research, intuition, and knowledge.

Financial gain, however, is not the core focus during a 7 Universal Year. The focus is more on the inner self, the spiritual, and scientific. We all may have to rip off the band-aid on our fractured economic systems one way or another. However, putting a focus on money above all else will bring a harder lesson or failure in 2023, so it’s important to know this up front. Make wiser decisions on a spiritual level this year as this will ready you for 2024 where money/income will take more of a front seat.

Ways the 7 Universal Year can be most beneficial to you:

Take a long slow deep breath and hold for a count of 4. Now breathe out for a count of 3. Do this as much as needed daily, especially in the morning before you even get out of bed. The energy of the 7 is slow, emotionally deep, soul-shifting, soul-moving, and needs time for digestion, integration, and transformation. Running full speed ahead without forethought is going to be tricky this year as some hard lessons will bite you in the behind — remember that slow and steady wins the race. Think of 2023 as a self-care and self-retreat where you are going to learn and research for a big project that will take off in 2024. Study, research, plant seeds and you will be thriving. This will pay off in the long run.

Take time for rest as you may feel a little more fatigued. I know there are two solar eclipses in 2023 that can add to the fatigue. Time spent to reconnect with the natural world around you, to breathe fresh air, and nature walks are even better. If you’re in a big city, find your local park. Most importantly, turn inward, dissect emotions, and work on discovering you.

Work on having an open mind in 2023, be open to asking hard questions, and be willing to hear the answers. If you have been avoiding painful triggers, embrace them and dig into them, because more than likely some of your triggers may open up wide, and you won’t be able to tuck them neatly back into that dark hidden compartment of yourself. Therapy can be very beneficial especially for a 7 year. Reflection and journaling are very important in this 7 year.

If not, then we may find narrow, cynical-minded dogma instead of opening our minds and hearts to expanded realms of potentiality. As we just close up and fold against our own edges, all those feelings of victimization can be exposed and heightened. We may want to cling to outdated structures that are crumbling and holding us back from a more evolved existence.

As a global community, it’s obvious that we’re undergoing massive changes. We are in the midst of a breakdown, which hasn’t brought out the best in the human species. For the structures of economic, environmental, ocean health, health care, animal health, the choice appears to be this: Cling to old paradigms or open up to a reinvention of how our entire global community engages and operates, expands, and thrives. We all have to do our part and be a part of the whole.

During the 7 Universal Year and effects on the world, we are readying ourselves for a period of major transition.

In 2023, we must reevaluate our deepest wants, needs, and values — both individually and as a global community. We have to reflect on the ways we manage our resources and the long-term effect this has on the world at large.

The 7 Universal Year accelerates scientific developments. In its skeptical moments, the 7 wants proof. This is a powerful year for discoveries that can be quantified and measured. Ideally, the 7 year also brings a beautiful balance between intellect and spirit — the seen and the unseen. The power of the 7 is its ability to bridge the analytic left brain and the intuitive right brain.

The 7 year can teach us so much about our evolution, science, technology, spirituality, self-healing and our intuitive process.

The Tarot Card of the Major Arcana for 2023

The tarot card for 2023 is The Chariot, the 7th card in the major arcana. While often interpreted as a card of Victory, The Chariot is far more than just a simple victory card. The Charioteer is in total control and in a constant state of trying to reign in opposing forces and maintain balance in an effort to reach victory; victory is predicated on the Charioteer’s ability to perform this feat. We see this merging or control of opposing forces in the union of the Empress and the Emperor, and the High Priestess and the Hierophant. There is a fine and delicate line in keeping the chariot in balance and moving forward. If you rush or are unable to unite or control these opposing forces, balance will be lost, you will steer off course, and failure will follow. This will not be an easy task and there will be bridges to cross and

mountains to climb. It is here that you find powerful personal will directing life through the lens of completed lessons learned in the Magician through the Lovers, the journey into the depths of the self, and the crossing of the Abyss from dark to light and back again. A level of maturity, rational thinking, and emotional control, with a newfound ability to face adversity and opposition with determination and will power that allows passions and instincts to drive, yet not control. It is the pursuit of enlightenment, the control of duality in manifestation. In one respect it is about taking and maintaining control, and in the other, it is the surrendering of the lower self to the higher. Surrendering ego for internal insight.

The Chariot’s fundamental correspondence is Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon as is depicted by Urin and Thummim on the Charioteer’s shoulders. The Moon is represented by the High Priestess; thus, she is the secret ruler of 2023 indicating an emotional and intuitive influence throughout the year.

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