Let’s Talk Tarot Winter Hours  

Schedule and services are by appointment only.

Fridays 3-7 pm; Saturday 12-7 pm 

  • Tarot Reading sessions 
  • Palm reading sessions 
  • Spirit guide soul readings 
  • Mediumship readings (private one on one or couple sessions. Please schedule group sessions at least two weeks in advance.)

Sunday 4-7 pm

  • Chakra clearing, balancing, and alignment with energy work and attunement. 
  • Chakra inner soul attunement with energetic median pressure point alignment. 

Monday 3-7 pm

Tarot reading sessions with all things divination i.e. palmistry, Chakra Oracle reading, tealeaf readings and Pendulum readings. 

Tuesday 3-7 pm

One-on-one spiritual coaching sessions. Spiritual coaching is to help a client to tune into their heart center, align with their life purpose, how to spiritually thrive in day-to-day life, and finding who they truly are and finding peace and harmony on their life’s journey. Spiritual coaching will differ from individual to individual as it’s tailored to each perspmspiritual needs.

Wednesday 3-7 pm

Private home investigation and cleansing. In addition a crystal grid will be offered and a blessing based on the individual’s spiritual belief system. (Please schedule two weeks in advance.) 

One-on-one and Group Classes

Classes that are being offered at this time are:
☆Crystal Basics 

☆ Art of Palmistry introduction 

☆ Pendulum Basics: introduction of basic use, tips and how to, Chakra Pendulum Basics. 

☆ Vision Board (DIY) manifesting your goals.

☆ Journaling tips, ideas, creative ways, affirmations, and Journaling prompts for spiritual growth. 

☆ Tarot Basics 

☆ Crystal Sachet (DIY) crystals for empowerment 

☆ Bi-Weekly Facebook Live ( Day and time to be determined)

In-home sessions are also available. Please schedule two weeks in advance. All winter sessions and classes are weather permitting. Contact me for more information or to schedule a class.

Stay tuned for classes that will be offered in the spring! 

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