Erica’s 2023 Predictions and Insights Part 1

A personal note from Erica:

As always, I will remind the public that I do not choose what I see, I am just the messenger. I ask Spirit and my spirit guides to share with me what the public at large should know and possibly benefit them in some way. Predictions are listed as 2023 however, that does not mean that all predictions will take place in 2023 as time is very difficult to nail in my clairvoyant-psychic world.

This year I would like to give the added benefit of knowing the numerological universal year number and the universal tarot card for 2023. This can help enrich your life, but it’s for the universal year, if you would like your personal year numerology report, you can purchase one, (I offer great deals throughout the year). In addition, I can do your tarot card for the year as well both based on your date of birth and the current year.

Libra, the 7th house of the zodiac, will be highlighted this year on a universal level. Libra is about balance or bringing balance and justice forward to create a more harmonic environment. Libra has the scales as a symbol connected to their zodiac. Expect changes to come for Libras and or around them. Libra folk can be of great service to the greater public this year and be supportive of friends and family members.

Water is going to be very present in many ways in 2023, like the water signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. There will be more movement than usual for example, possibly moving to a new house or a small business opening or partnership. They all will be more emotional this year than usual.

In addition: People that struggle with mental health, for example, anxiety, bipolar, other mood disorders, empaths, etc., will be more emotional and moodier. Remember you feel on a deep level, so take a step back and breathe. It’s important to work on centering yourself this year, maybe have a daily routine to help you stay on track, for example yoga, therapy, massage, and journaling can all be very beneficial. Most importantly, do not isolate yourselves this year. It’s important to share yourself with others and the world.

You will find my predictions as categorized by topic. (I have to say that all predictions are for entertainment purposes.)

Be Blessed and Spread Love Daily~

From 2023 to 2030 there will be world wide sweeping change. Do your best to be compassionate, love your neighbor, love animals, help others when you have the ability to do so, and do your best to help the environment. Universally we will be seeing amazing new technology, and new medical procedures that include new ways to diagnose and treat people, new medicine technology, and more knowledge regarding some really difficult diseases and chronic illnesses.

US Weather

Winter and Spring

Flooding, mudslides, hailstorms, electrical storms, tornados, windstorms, blizzards, fires, droughts, ice storms with freezing rain, and dust storms will be most prevalent for 2023 in the US.

There will be record breaking cold and record-breaking storms. I won’t go through every storm – these are some of the bigger storms that I see in the US.

Mid- to Late-January

At least two heavy snow and ice storms will affect many parts of the US with up to two blizzards. A lot of snow/ice/rain will be dumped on the US. It will be brutally cold. Dress for the weather. There will be a lot flooding in 2023.

In January, a slow-moving whopper of a snowstorm will come in through Canada downwards through South Dakota to Iowa, Chicago, parts of Tennessee and other nearby states, to the Ohio valley. The storm gains through the Great Lakes, then affects the upper parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and parts of Maine then out to sea.

A storm over Lake Ontario with bring close to 50 inches (yes 50 inches!) to Eastern Canada and Western and upstate New York. I also see thunder snow in upstate New York, Vermont, and over to the east coast.

Heavy snowfall for the first two weeks of January in Oregon, Northern California, and the upper Midwest.

The southern states will be colder and wetter with some freezing rain.

In addition, I see power outages, so please be prepared. Have blankets, water, and snacks in your vehicles in case you get stuck. Also have extra cans of food like soup, snacks, crackers, water, etc.


Blizzard on top of a recent blizzard so this will prove to be hazardous conditions.

Smaller to large hazardous blizzards will affect Alaska, Seattle areas, Northern California, parts of Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Denver Colorado, Chicago, Ohio Valley, Penn, West Virginia to Virginia, out to sea. The Second blizzard will affect some of the above areas as well as the upper Northeast.

Arctic blast and dangerous conditions.

Windstorms with blowing snow and freezing rain.

Storms through Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, with record cold conditions


These will be serious ice storms from the northern to mid-Atlantic states and Washington D.C. If you don’t have to drive don’t.

I see a little snow moving through upper Texas, Arkansas, parts of Oklahoma, and Kansas. There will be car pileups due to ice and black ice on the roads. Please take care. In addition, I see power outages so please be prepared, have blankets and water, snacks in your vehicles in case you get stuck, have extra cans of food like soup, snacks, crackers, water, etc.

Polar storm that will reach part of Texas and over to the southern Atlantic states.


A blizzard will affect the Northeast around Easter.

Parts of Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia will be colder than usual with heavy rainstorms. I see more power outages, hailstorms with electrical storms.

Late-April storm in the North Atlantic.

Spring and Summer Weather


Fire in Oregon (Portland possibly) will continue south close to the Nevada border, California vineyards Fresno.

I see smaller fires in Florida, Pennsylvania, western New York, Arizona, Texas, and one in the western part of Virginia. There will be smaller fires in California. I also see a fire in a national park thar I think is Yellowstone.

Record-breaking heat

Extreme heat in Alaska in July and August, Washington near Seattle, Oregon, and the upper Pacific. This will cause droughts in some of the upper Pacific areas and even in parts of Texas.

The will be heavy rain and hailstorms be so mindful of your vehicles.


There will be smaller earthquakes in the US some caused from fracking.

Other earthquakes I see are near areas: small ones in Oregon, Yellowstone, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, upper Pennsylvania, New York, and Haiti I see over 7. Earthquake.

The southern and mid-Atlantic states will be more earthquake-active, but smaller earthquakes. The areas affected that I see are Arkansas, Tennessee, Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Georgia, western Texas, northern New Mexico, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Nevada, and near the tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii will have an earthquake in the upper 5.9 range on the Richter scale.

Upstate New York will have an earthquake very close to 5.4 on the Richter scale.

I am sorry to say I see an earthquake close to Anchorage, Alaska, Kodiak Island, and the Alaskan Panhandle that will be close to 7.6 or greater on the Richter scale. I also see an earthquake in the British Columbia area.

The Tectonic Plates will be more active than usual.

Note: Not all states I see Earthquakes are listed here. If you want to know about a specific state, please contact me.

Mudslides and Dust Storms

Dangerous mudslides and heavy boulders on roadways and some major routes in northern Pacific to upper Midwest to the southern States. Houses are affected as well.

Mountain rockslides due to heavy rain and hailstorms.

I see some dust storms near Phoenix and Nevada.


I see an issue with clean water as I see pebbles in water and light dirt. I think this has something to do with the heavy rains and mudslides, but I’m not fully sure.

US Crops, Veggies, and Fruit

There will be a shortage of fruit and veggies due to the very wet weather in winter and spring months. I see a shortage of cotton or something that pertains to cotton (weird). I also see production issues with meat and dairy, but we will still be able to receive products but just at a slower pace, so please don’t stress out. Additionally, we will take steps this year to find a way to begin producing our own different food sources, at least as much as possible. Get creative and be conservative as much as you can be.

Oil Pipeline

I see a pipeline crack and oil leak in the Midwest and Canada. I also see a leak in the Pacific Ocean.

USA Politics and Media

I’ve seen this same vision since 2015 about politicians: many arrests and several lawsuits. In addition, I see money laundering or taking illegal money.

Again, I have seen since 2015 that Fox News will be involved in big lawsuits and two of its primetime anchors will quite or be fired. Fox News possibly files for bankruptcy. Secrets are revealed and inner circle scandals will come out.

Trials and some jail time for some politicians. A lot of secrets to come out and to be made public.

A prominent Congressman is ill and will be stepping down from duties, look at my previous predictions as I am still seeing energy around this.

There has been buying/selling of US top secret documents and other things. Additionally, there are secret documents hidden around past presidents and overseas at other properties. I also see something about “holdings,” but I am not entirely sure what that means right now.

Wire fraud, foreign money, and quid pro quo is taking place.

President Biden needs more protection around his family, especially his children and grandchildren. I am very worried for their safety. As of right now, the president cannot trust some of the individuals in the Secret Service to protect him and his family, sadly.

As of the end of December 2022, the energy I’m getting is that President Biden will not run for another term, and Vice President Harris will not run for president. There will be a younger person, possibly in their 40s to 50s. Whomever it is, they will win by a landslide. (Keep in mind this can change — I will update you if I get another vision about this.)

I also see sabotage or a fake crisis created by the governor of Texas. It’s hard to say what he is up to now and what he is planning. With all the shootings I see happening in Texas, he should concentrate on making life better for Texans.

Military plane or ship incident: I believe China may try to bully the US military into a situation within international waters and airspace. The Russian president will also try a bullying tactic in the open seas and air.

The immigration back-log will create tensions and protests. I only received a glimpse of this vision, but I saw a rebellion or major chaos on the border in Texas, including gunfights.

The issues at the southern border with continue for a bit. Everyone needs to work together to fix the  immigration in our country. But using people in a cruel way as pawns is disgusting and disturbing, especially when little children are involved.

Donald Trump

I don’t want to focus too much on Trump, so if anyone wants to know if I see something else, please contact the website.

Donald Trump will suffer loss after loss. He will be pulled out of the 2024 presidential race. 

His health will not be stable, especially going into 2024. 

More and more secrets are revealed.

Trump’s taxes will be finally released to the public.

I do see him losing some of his properties.

There is a possibility that Trump will try to run to Saudi Arabia or an island in the Mediterranean, but it’s only a possibility.

I saw Donald Trump being arrested and charged with at least 3 to 4 serious crimes, and he will be under house arrest for a very long time. I believe, there will be a partially televised trial going into 2024 or around this timeframe, depending on his health.


I dislike covering the next part of my visions, but I know that I have to. Unfortunately, I see domestic terror attacks. That being said, it’s important to realize that I am not trying to scare anyone or create fear in people, I am just giving you the messages I receive with the high hopes that none of them come to pass.

I still am seeing an uptick in domestic terror weaponizing knives, small homemade bombs, guns, and using vehicles.

Areas of concern: 

Seattle, San Diego, Texas, Manhattan, New York, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee, Chicago, Virginia, Los Angeles, Florida, college campuses, churches, synagogues, schools, and outdoor events.

Protests with some volatile protests that turn into a riot and a shooting.

I see racism, women rights, LBGTQ+ rights and ideology as some of the causes.

Breakdown of only some of the more disturbing attacks:
College campus in California, at least three churches/synagogues in Texas, Florida, possibly Virginia Beach area or an actual boardwalk near a popular beach, Denver, New York City, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and Disneyland.

Note: I also keep seeing a populated zoo, but I can’t be sure of its location. There is a possible sporting event issue where there will be a big fight or big disturbance.

I also see domestic terror with a small airplane and possible train. There will be isolated attacks in the US.

Note: I don’t think this is an attack per se, but I feel like it has something to do with bullying from China and/or Russia where I see our military jets fly in a hurry to the Pacific Ocean and to the Atlantic Ocean. If I receive another vision to add to clarification here, I will add in at a later date.

US Economy & Finance

The first three months of the year will be stable; the middle of the year will see medium highs and lows; and the year will end with a stronger economy heading into 2024. It will take time, but it will slowly recover.

No one should trust Bitcoin for 2023. Maybe at some point, but not this year. I have seen a lot of fraud around Bitcoin and the same with other crypto-currencies. I am not telling anyone what to do when it comes to personal investments other than to say really do your own research.

A big, well-known bank is involved with fraud, like false issuing of loans.

Money laundering that has a connection overseas to Germany, the UK, and an island that looks Mediterranean.

Healthcare, Viruses, and Medicine

Be proactive with your health in 2023, especially while we all are moving through more Covid variants. Take care of yourself and others — check on your elderly neighbors and lend a hand when you can, in whatever way you can.

Healthcare Advances 

There will be changes in how we receive healthcare.

New medicines and medical techniques are coming for several different eye diseases and autoimmune diseases. New diagnostic tools and new trial medications with better technologies are coming to ease some of these awful diseases.  

Advances in cell regeneration chronic pain easement.

New medical breakthroughs and treatments in Alzheimer’s along with some cancers.

Medical Professional Shortages

There will be staff shortages around our country, especially doctors and nurses. I also see some medical supplies in short supply in certain areas. Medical personnel such as nurses, EMT’s, firefighters, psychologists, and other specialized medical professionals will be going on strike and/or protesting. Shortages will continue in all these fields. A few reasons I saw this being an issue was lack of pay, exhaustion, stress, getting sick themselves, and not having enough time off to rest from one shift to the next. The most important issue I saw was their pay and lack of support.

Covid Variants, RSV, Flu

As of now I see another 3 to 5 Covid variants in the US … I just feel like this is such a sour subject, but I have to give what I receive.

The end of January and into February:

Children, Teens, and Young Adults

Last year I correctly interpreted that young children and teens, would be affected by a respiratory-like- variant, sad to say this was correct. This variant RSV will indeed still be ever present and still infecting our children of all ages.

In addition, I see the flu and RSV infecting our children at once which will be more aggressive. Immunocompromised children and teens will come down with damaged lungs and heart which is very worrisome. An increased asthma, lung disease, breathing problems will be on the rise due to this variant.

Please take steps to protect children. As I only can give you the visions that I receive; I truly hope people will listen and take this very seriously.

It is important to begin to research how to strengthen the immune system, especially for the immunocompromised.

I also saw something pertaining to detox and detoxing the body.

Adults and Elderly

I see another variant. The variant that I see coming will have flu-like symptoms. This variant will be more prevalent in cities and large suburbs.

Around the World

I see the same variants on the rise in Norway, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, Asia, Iraq, Pakistan, Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Thailand, and China.


For the past few years, I have seen more and more suicides, especially with young people, and this year it grows. Additionally, I see more and more young people dying and including the famous.

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