Predictions 2022 – Part 3

New predictions for 2022-2023 as of October 6, 2022

More hidden papers to be found at Mar-a-Lago (some in a long box/container approximately 6 feet long in the ground).

Trump will be indicted.

Between 12 and 23 people associated with Trump will be arrested and indicted.

There will be a fire or explosion at a nuclear site overseas. I hope this is avoided. 

2023 is going to be a very bad flu season; please take precautions. 

North America is in for a lot of heavy wet snow and wet weather. 

The South will be dryer but will have bouts of heavy storms.

The West will be dry and cooler than normal. 

The Southwest will be cooler than normal and wet with some bouts of dry cycles. 

Earthquakes pick up on the West Coast with smaller ones happening in the Midwest and in some Northern states.

I still see issues with trains or train stations and accidents and/or threats. 

I see threats and attacks against members of Congress — either personal attacks or on their families. I feel a lot of Democrats running for office are being targeted and I see attacks on Democratic election officials. Texas, Florida and Georgia are the main areas of concern.

One thought on “Predictions 2022 – Part 3

  1. Hello 👋🏽 Erica, do you see Lauren Bobert loosing and Hersherl Walker loosing, and the Democrates maintaining the house?


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