Predictions 2022 – Part 2

These predictions came to me upon waking on March 12, 2022:

Train accident: It looked like it was sabotaged or hit with a drone or bomb. The background appeared to be desolate at twilight — possibly when dawn was breaking or the sun was setting. I am not sure of the location of this train, but it is a public train. That said, there is another train on the other side with supplies on it. I know it is located somewhere in Eastern Europe, but not exactly where, so be careful.

I see that when Vladimir Putin leaves our world, Donald Trump will follow not too long afterwards. I cannot make sense of this other than to say both of their lives run parallel to one another and have karmic implications. Weird. But that is what I see.

Not only do I see floods, but I simultaneously see a drought happening on the other side of the world along with more record heat. (India, China, and USA.)

I will repeat this prediction: COVID is not done. There are new variants coming, so please take steps to prepare and protect yourselves and family members, including pets. In 2024, it will be gone.

I still am seeing something with the skin — rashes or a viral infection epidemic.

I will also add here that although this is currently in my prediction list, I will remind people to stock up on provisions. Don’t take what you don’t need to leave for others, but stock up on canned goods, canned fruit, paper items, and spring water. The fruit will not be plentiful this summer, same with vegetables, so having canned fruit may be an option for people.

One thought on “Predictions 2022 – Part 2

  1. Hello Erica, I wanted to know if you see Merrik Garland being fired because he is choosing to not do anything about the January 6th insurrection. I watched three astrologers who did a astrology chart on him, and they in my opinion are right. He is weak and a do nothing. More than likely being or has been threated. Regardless of the fact, President Biden needs to fire him.


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