Predictions for 2022 – Part 1

United States

  • A ski accident I believe of a well known male.  A singer or actor. 
  • Unfortunately, I have been predicting a high amount of suicides in our country and in Europe, especially young people. If you are having thoughts of suicide, there is help for you. Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, 24 hours a day.
  • American politics will continue to be polarized. 
  • I still see many, many more COVID deaths. In February 2019 I saw the most awful sight of mass death. At that time, I saw the number of people as 292,636. I never ever wanted to see a vision like that again! I have been working hard with my own spiritual guides on this because unfortunately I can’t choose what I see, but I asked them not to let me see this again unless it’s God’s will. So, I’ll just say that unfortunately I still see many deaths, a lot of them preventable if people would get vaccinated if they can. However I do not preach and I’m not going to start. I’m just here to report what I see. Hopefully in the process helping and preparing people. 
  • We have Omicron currently, but I see two more variants coming. well over a million of our people will pass from COVID and COVID variants. 
  • I see another virus outbreak unrelated to COVID in the coming three years. I will add more to this later folks.
  • The meat industry will take a hit for the worse, and I don’t see a recovery in this industry until 2023. 
  • Produce and fruits in certain areas in California, Georgia, and Florida will be hard to find due to climate change. Between wildfires and flooding it’s going to be difficult.  
  • The stock market will yoyo for the first half of the year after,  but after April I do see it being more stable. There will be a recovery, but it will take a while to get there.
  • There will be a heighten amount of terrorist attacks in America. Some of the states I see are New York, California, Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Washington, specifically Seattle. 
  • Shootings in America will be heightened as well.
  • I still am seeing more knife attacks this year.
  • Some of the predictions I’ve already made are still current — I won’t repeat them all, but I will say there will be more lawsuits against Fox News.  
  • Tucker Carlson will leave Fox News toward the end of 2023 or sooner. (Exact times can be difficult for psychics to calculate.) 
  • I still see six or more people under investigation in Congress. Some of them will have lawsuits to deal with, as well as arrests and resignations. 
  • I see ongoing investigations by Congress into the Trump administration and Jan 6th. 
  • I see many investigations going on in unison from different parts of the government and separate in states such as Florida, New York, and Washington D.C.
  • I see a big investigation in Texas and Florida separate from the Trump investigation. This looks like another investigation into money laundering and racketeering. Sex scandals are in there too.
  • I see something having to do with a large bank in America —  I believe one a shake down from the feds and two, a cyber attack. 
  • Our water supply in America needs to be watched as well from terrorists attacks 
  • America’s electric grid needs to be watched to protect it from terrorists and cyber attacks. I see it every year and I still see this. Also a blackout on the east coast and possibly west coast California. 
  • Sonic attacks I see a big sonic attack that affects Americans not just those who work in government. 
  • An American satellite will get hit by another country. However, this may be further out.
  • Also, I still see the flying car making its first appearance. 
  • I see a bullet train or airbus coming out for the public, probably not until 2024.
  • I see an asteroid passing close to earth. I’ve seen this vision for three years straight, and there has been one every year I have predicted it. I’m wondering if it’s in part astrology stuff — let me know your opinions, folks. 
  • I’ve been predicting solar flares since the 1990s, before I even understood what they are. Expect a few solar storms now and within the next few years that may produce power outages or other effects. 
  • The awful hate towards our Jewish brothers and sisters will be just unbelievable, and I will leave it there.
  • Other ethnic groups as well will be the subject of attacks. I feel like certain ethnic groups will be attacked just for going to a grocery store or walking down a street. I also see more drive by crime.
  • Unfortunately, I see an uptick of hate going toward our LBGTQ+ family.
  • There may be an attempt on the President or Vice president. 
  • I see some people coming down with a weird skin virus. I think this is connected to the water. 
  • Unfortunately, I see terrorists events and shootings.
  • An undercover that was inside the Trump administration will come out late in the year.
  • We all need to do our part to live in a better world. We are all connected — be mindful of this.
  • I see the Supreme Court being in the news a lot more this year for various reasons. 
  • I see Supreme Court Justice Thomas retiring. I’m not sure if Justice Brett Kavanagh will be forced to leave, but at some point I do see him leaving. 
  • I see two other justices set to leave within the next two years.
  • I see protests in front of the Supreme Court several times this year.
  • I see the government trying to do their best in making profound changes for the betterment of Americans. 
  • Social media will also feature prominently this year. I believe there are changes to come over the next several years.
  • Political infiltration of our government officials and offices, along with the military, needs to be looked into for political corruption and to debunk conspiracy theories.
  • Money and politics will need to be changed in America. I believe over the next 10 years, this will play a central role.
  • Correspondents in the TV media who put out lies and conspiracy theories to the public will be subject to lawsuits, and at some point federal intervention due to the harm it has caused citizens. 


  • I still see many COVID-19 cases affecting children 13 years and younger. I’ve seen this same vision in 2020, 2021, and now in 2022. When children are eligible for the vaccine, please get them vaccinated for their health. 
  • In America and Canada I see COVID-19 variants right up to November 2022. Please wear K94 or N95 masks. 
  • In Italy, I still see COVID-19 variants rapidly going through the county up to May, peaking in June. Same with Greece, Spain, and France about the same time or near that timeframe. I won’t go through all the countries, but it’s safe to say that variants will still be in the forefront. 
  • Closer to June, here and around the world, I see one of the variants cause flu-like symptoms, including headaches and vomiting. This will affect children as well.
  • COVID-19 variants will run through Canada with two peaks.

Around the World

  • Putin of Russia most likely will try to invade Ukraine in February 2022. The reason why I say most likely folks is that I feel like he’s not sure as of yet as I write this on 1/26/22. I also feel like Russian troops being on the border of Ukraine can give the impression that he’ll invade.  The problem I have is that I see what I call a flip-flop vision, meaning his intentions lie elsewhere, like making us look over there while others are behind the scenes doing something else completely. I also see something with water and submarines where Russia is concerned. Putin has plans in the making — he wears one mask and presents another. If I have any updates to add, I will update my prediction list. Update: Putin will try to make inroads into Ukraine. I see NATO troops responding. 
  • The coffee shortage from southern countries won’t last too long.
  • I see terrorist attacks on trains in the United Kingdom (London), Belgium, and France. 
  • All over the world, in too many countries to name, I see mass protests and riots. I see major property being destroyed.  
  • I feel like there will be a major event this year that will be so sad and horrible that it may possibly be a wake-up call to some.
  • There will be lone wolf attacks throughout August. 
  • I’m still seeing bombings.
  • Italy’s money and banks will go through a political controversy. 
  • Croatia’s banks will be heavily investigated. 
  • I see  terrorists attacks, racism, bigotry, xenophobic, prejudice, cult-like religious groups, local terrorism, bombings ethnic minority communities, and ignorance in China, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, South Africa, other parts of Africa, India, Israel, Japan, the UK, France, Australia, America, Hawaii, and Canada, which I believe has already stated.
  • Suicides in other countries: I’ve been seeing a rise in suicides for the past three years, with a increase this year. In some countries I see suicides in people ranging from 8 to 40 years old.
  • A new terrorist group forming out of the Middle East and in Yemen. 
  • Saudi Arabia has anger issues within the country — explosive devices, protests, and escalating factions.
  • The Iranian Assembly changes.
  • North Korea is back at it with firing off missiles.
  • I see a major ship accident at sea and a takeover on a big cargo ship by pirates. 
  • Worldwide issues within relationships — divorces and family fights.  
  • Mass shooting in Russia. 
  • Racism will be worse around the world. 
  • Sri Lanka has a pretty large monsoon season flooding with mudslides.
  • I see a school shooting in Canada. I’m not sure if this is in Toronto or another part of Canada. I see a mass shooting, terrorism, political issues and situations, and it looks like a protest in a heavy populated part of Canada. 


  • The weather is changing. 
  • America will see a significant increase in tornadoes and electrical lightning storms. 
  • I see four named hurricanes in America.
  • America we are in for flooding on the east coast that can be really destructive. Flooding in the west coast closer to Seattle.  I see a fire outbreak in Washington state, Oregon west, Idaho, California, Colorado. Nebraska I see a fire there but it looks like it’s coming from a distillery plant or some kind of big indoor industry workspace. 
  • In Canada there will ba a heavy snow season, tornados, and an earthquake. 
  • I see earthquakes in Haiti, Brazil, Alaska, Hawaii, near Catalina, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the islands in the eastern Atlantic just past burm, Puerto Rico, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and the Northern tip of India.
  • Also in New Zealand on the far side or northern part of the island; there will be a smaller earthquake near Christchurch. 
  • There will be an earthquake near London, but I don’t feel it will be too big, but enough to where you’ll be able to feel the shake.
  • I know that each prediction year I add earthquakes and volcanoes but let me be clear, both earthquakes and volcanoes will be more frequent this year 2022. One of the visions that I’ve been having for years is the underwater volcanoes, which will be active both in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
  • In Australia wildfires will break out in Northeast and Western Australia way above Perth. 
  • The heat index in Australia and New Zealand will break records. 
  • I see a Typhoon/cyclone in Australia/New Zealand as well as at least 3 tornado outbreaks. 
  • Heavy flooding in parts of Australia from March to June. 
  • Monsoon in New Zealand and definitely flash flooding in Tasmania by the shorelines 
  • I see a small fire break out in Tasmania .
  • In Texas, yet again, I’m sorry to report I see the temperature dropping down into the high 20’s to the low 30’s this year, with some ice, snow and just plain cold temperature. There will be flooding this year, and to make matters worse, I do see a tornado outbreak and dust storm that comes from the northwest into Texas. The hurricane I see may squeeze just east of you but I will update as we get closer to late spring. Please, if possible, try to make sure you have the supplies you need stashed and extra blankets and pet food and supplies. 

Major events happening in California this year:

  • I see three earthquakes:
    • North of San Francisco 
    • Somewhere close to Santa Barbara 
    • Southwest of LA
  • Wildfires 
  • A mudslide
  • A big rock slide
  • A wine shortage is likely 
  • Produce won’t be the greatest this year.
  • I see something weird with a bug, tree mold, and a specific group of trees being affected.

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