Types of Readings

We have the ability to know great truths and to follow our intuition. It is what we do with this information that makes all the difference.

Erica Marie, Let’s Talk Tarot

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Tarot Readings: $60

A tarot reading is performed using a 78-card tarot deck that consists of the major arcana, representing milestones, big events, and divine knowledge; the minor arcana, revealing the day-to-day actions that move us toward those major events; and the court cards, which symbolize people and situations.

If you’re not able to come to the shop for a reading, I can do one remotely. Pick 10 numbers from 0 to 78 and send them along with a photo of yourself and three questions or concerns you’d like me to address. Book a session

Tarot Numerology: $55

This is the best report if you have a question about an event on specific day. The reading uses a numerology report of your birthday combined with the date in question as it relates to the corresponding number in the tarot deck. Book a session

Combination Tarot & Angel Reading: $65

This is one of my most popular readings. In addition to the tarot, I add Angel oracle cards. The cards I use carry divine message, giving a fuller spiritual scope to your reading. Book a session

Birthday Numerology: $60

This is a fun, popular reading that uses the numbers of your birth date Birthday numerology to learn more about your personality. Book a session

Hidden meanings behind your birthday & name: $60

Gain insight into your personality by learning the hidden meaning of your name and its origins. Get a Kabbalistic synopsis of your name’s meaning, as well as runic and numerological interpretations, and details of the gemstones, colors and botanicals associated with your name.

The second part of this report uses your birthdate to chart where the planets and stars were when you were born to determine the deeper meaning of your zodiac sign.

The third part of the report deals solely with the day you were born on (e.g. February 8), in order to understand your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life path. You’ll learn the best days of each month to meet people or undertake certain endeavors. I also will give you meditations and affirmations to use. Book a session

House Blessings & Clearings: $100

When should you cleanse or clear your living or office space? when you first move into a new home or place of business? House blessings also help if you or someone in the household after a long illness or during a chronic illness. Blessings help with discomfort in the space, transitional periods in your personal or family life, after a death or divorce, and opening yourself up to new opportunities. These are just a few examples of why and when you should consider a house or space blessing or clearing. LOCAL ONLY. Book a session

Palm Readings: $25

Cheiromancy, commonly called palmistry or palm reading, is the practice of studying the lines, hand shape, mounts, and other features of the hand. Palmistry dates back even further than Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.), who is said to have introduced writings of the practice to Alexander the Great (356–323 B.C.E.).

Palmistry evaluates a person’s character or future life by “reading” the palm. For individuals who cannot come to me in person for a reading here’s what you can do: Take a close-up picture of each hand or take an imprint of each hand using black ink on plain white paper. Email or snail-mail me the images for analysis. Book a session

Spiritual Intuitive Life Coaching: $100 per hour

This is based on each client’s specific needs. For example, you may want to develop a particular area of your live; remove blockages for self-growth; manifest your goals and aspirations; and learn how to become your authentic self. Book a session

Tarot Parties: $50 per person

There must be a minimum of 10 guests and the host gets a free reading. I require a month’s notice, and all readings must be paid in full prior to the event. During the Halloween season I ask for two months’ notice if possible. Tarot readings are 15 to 20 minutes per person. I’m also available for corporate events, Christmas parties, birthday parties, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and baby showers.  Book a session

Chakra clearings and blessings: $75

I offer half-hour sessions in my shop or your home—wherever you feel the most comfortable. Each chakra center relates to a different area of our beings, such as our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and physical attributes. There are seven main chakras in our body:

☆Crown chakra
☆Third Eye chakra
☆Throat chakra
☆Heart chakra
☆Solar plexus chakra
☆Sacral chakra
☆Root chakra

There are also several little chakras throughout our hands and body. Clearing blockages and grounding oneself is very important. Chakra balancing and clearing can help you if you are:

☆Feeling drained
☆Having current or chronic health issues
☆Dealing with emotional imbalances or negative behaviors
☆Feeling stuck, stagnant, or blocked
☆Feeling hurt, angry, or rejected
☆Wanting to open up to fresh and new opportunities and even relationships
☆Having stiffness or tightness in your physical body
☆Having reoccurring emotions, fears, or constant stress
☆Experiencing immune system upset or imbalances
☆Suffering with arthritis pain or joint issues
Book a session

Specialty Tarot Spreads: $50

There are different types of tarot spreads that answer basic questions when the cards are laid out in a specific pattern. Also, tarot spreads can be used for self-development to help you step into your highest potential and stay grounded and focused on your goals.

Making a Decision: A simple spread that can help you with a difficult decision. (3 cards)
The Year Ahead: 12 cards represent each of the following months, the 13th card represents you.
Zodiac Spread: A tarot reading with numerology elements based on your Zodiac sign. (12 cards)
Business Spread: Provides guidance whether you want to open a business, close or sell it. (7 cards)
Career Spread: This spread is based on your current career and the growth you want to see or changes you want to make. (10 cards)
Love & Relationships: Answers questions and gives guidance in your love life, dating, marriage, or divorce. (12 cards)
Chakra Spread: Assesses whether your chakras are in alignment and any changes that need to be made. (7 cards) Book a session

*Specialty tarot spreads can be designed to address your specific concern.

Extensive packet of your Personal Reading Report: $80

Receive a detailed report of your reading via email to save and reference. The package includes suggested affirmations to use based on your reading and other tools you can use to empower yourself. Book a session

Name & Birthday Numerology Report: $100

Get an extensive report (approximately 90 pages) that combines the numerology value of your name and birthday to find your Expression (or Destiny) number and your Life Path number. You’ll learn about your natural talents and gifts, the career you’re likely to succeed in, and continuing on your life path. Book a session

Numerology Life Path Number Report: $100

Receive a detailed report of your life path number, based on your date of birth for insight into your soul’s purpose and life’s direction. Book a session

Your Personal Year Numerology Report: $65

Receive a detailed report of your personal year number, based on your birthday in the current year, which provides guidance for the year ahead. Book a session

*Prices may vary for reading specials and appointment length